Jul. 9th, 2017

[admin post] Admin Post: One week left to sign up!

Jul. 9th, 2017 02:05 pm
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That's right, we're a week away from closing sign ups.

Between Dreamwidth and Tumblr, we also got a few questions and wanted to be sure everyone saw our responses...

1. Are check-ins mandatory?

Nope! The two check-ins are just friendly reminders for folks who need/like them, and it’s also a chance to support, flail, and/or commiserate with fellow participants.

2. How does DC Multiversity count the minimum five fanworks needed to sign up?

First, there’s no minimum word count. You can have five drabbles or five epics or a mix of the two, as long as they’re not WIPs.

As mods, we’re pretty much eyeballing the works listed under the link you provide in sign ups but we also understand that folks post to AO3 in different ways. So if you post one shots as a single story, as long as it’s clear in your author’s notes or summary, or you let us know in your sign up that one particular work is actually a series of separate stories, each chapter can count as a separate fanwork, helping you meet the minimum five fanworks required.

Have more questions? Let us know! Or head on over and sign up on AO3. Sign ups close next Sunday, July 16.

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