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Jun. 10th, 2016 05:44 pm
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We finished matching a day early, so you should be receiving an email giving you details about your assignment.

Unfortunately, the wording we used on the sign-up form didn’t carry through to the assignment notification. "Description" is your remixee’s safe fanwork. This is the one fanwork that they do not want to be remixed.

Please remember that this is an anonymous challenge. Feel free to spread the word about DC Multiversity Remix, but try not to give specifics about what you're creating or who you're remixing.

We've also created the opt-in post for the Remix Scramble. Even if you've signed up for the challenge itself, if you want to have your fanworks remixed to the broader public, please leave a comment on the opt-in post (and help signal boost, too).

Rules, deadlines, and minimum size requirements.

Have questions or comments? Contact a mod.

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